MyPi - Raspberry Pi kit handheld

  • Experience the satisfaction of building your handheld
  • Concise build manual 
  • See how to build your handheld - Make MyPi video

MyPi - Raspberry Pi 3 kit

  • Based on the Raspberry Pi 3a+
  • SNES  game  buttons
  • Large 800 x 480 resolution 5 inch LCD

MyPi - Raspberry Pi inside the rectangular case option

  • Large rectangular case style available   
  • Minimal wiring
  • Modular design
  • 4000 mAh lithium battery  

MyPi - put your Raspberry Pi in a Jellybean case or rectangular case

  • Choose from two different case styles
  • Even design your own case - it's open source
  • Select what you want for your build

MyPi - Raspberry Pi kit your way

  • You configure it
  • You install the games
  • Learn to build, install, and configure your handheld to play your favorite retrogames.

MyPi - enjoy a trip back in time

  • Play your favorite game console again or try a new one
  • No need for a TV but connect one if you want
  • Play with a friend